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TruRating is a customer feedback tool that gives your customers a chance to rate their experience with your business when they pay.

No other research tool offers you such a great volume of validated customer feedback data (TruRating achieves a high 88% response rate) to enable you to make clear, well-informed business decisions that help you drive revenue.

Using your Albert’s innovative payment platform, one standard customer satisfaction question is asked to each customer, rotated from a set of five. For example, 'Please rate the service from 0-9', with 0 = needs work, 9 = great. In addition, you can choose up to 2 bespoke questions to add to the rotation to understand more about your specific business focus, for example, ‘Please rate the queue time’.

The ratings are linked to customer spend, allowing you to understand which business area drives the best customer satisfaction and highest revenues. You can test your ideas using bespoke questions to drive higher returns, like whether a new product range might be of interest to customers or whether customer service processes were followed and much, much more.

Ratings data is easily accessed via a simple and easy to use online portal, so you can make informed business decisions quickly. And, to help promote your business, TruRating offers a customer facing web page to allow new and existing customers see how others rate your business.

Try TruRating and see how it could change your business forever.

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    JNLHOME July 27, 2017 2:38:34 PM (v.1.0.0)

    Just seeing what it was like .


Phone:1800 380 567

- 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Phone technical support.

- 5:00pm to 9:00am, Monday to Friday and on weekends. email technical support, someone will respond to you shortly.


Monthly fees, per outlet. Based on the average number of questions delivered daily. 1-50 questions, $25 51-250 questions, $50 251+ questions, $75 Per outlet sign-up fee, $100 Monthly Fee Discounts. Percentage discounts apply for multiple outlet usage. 25-99 outlets, 10% 100-499 outlets, 20% 500-999 outlets, 30% 1000-1999 outlets, 40% 2000+ outlets, 50% GST not included

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