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TruRating is a flexible, multi-channel solution for engaging with your customers. Its power lies in the simplicity of asking one question at checkout, allowing you to hear from the majority of your customers.

Shoppers can rate directly from Albert's innovative payment device by answering one question using the keypad. The goal is to connect you with the 99% of customers who never leave reviews, expanding the pool of feedback dramatically.

Because of its simplicity, an average of 88% of customers are happy to rate in-store and 59% online. This uniquely large sample size means you can make data-based decisions with confidence.

And since responses are collected at checkout, the relationship between satisfaction and spend is clear, delivering consumer data with a link to financial figures.

TruRating's questions revolve around 5 vertical-specific core metrics (service, product, experience, value and recommendability,) and additionally, you can ask custom questions, enabling you to test marketing initiatives, new product ranges and much more.

Ideal for businesses that want unprecedented access to the perceptions and experiences of customers, TruRating gives you real-time access to actionable insights, greatly impacting your success.

Best of all, TruRating is completely free for your first outlet. Changing your business forever is a simple download away.

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    JNLHOME July 27, 2017 2:38:34 PM (v.1.0.0)

    Just seeing what it was like .


Phone: +1-800-380-567

Support available Monday to Friday 9am 6pm (AEST)



Fees are charged at $40 per outlet per month.

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